kitchen & sake bar
Onigiri Kitchen and Sake Bar
A simple philosophy, to be enjoyed.
Nestled in the Paris end of the city, ONIGIRI is a beautifully designed space to enjoy simple japanese rice balls and beverages.

Our fillings include meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables and fruit. We make them fresh throughout the day for you to enjoy as a quick take-away snack or to dine in for a delicious meal.

We source as much as possible from our farm in Sassafras, as well as making the tableware in our pottery studio.

Exclusive Sake, wine and beer are imported directly from small Japanese boutique growers.

Our focus is quality, comfort and unpretentious enjoyment.

Walk-in Tables & Take Away

 Monday 11:00am – 3:00pm
 Tuesday 11:00am – 3:00pm
 Wednesday 11:00am – 3:00pm
 Thursday 11:00am – 8pm
 Friday 11:00am – 8pm
 Saturday 11:00am - 7pm

Ferndale is our beautiful 35 acre farm in the Dandenong Ranges. We grow organic fruit, vegetables and herbs. We also have delicious wild honey and genuine free range eggs. In addition to traditional Western plants, we have a wide range of Japanese varieties including daikon, ginger, shiso, wasabi, yuzu, mustard etc.

On the property live 10 rescue sheep, ducks, wombats, deer, echidnas and gorgeous bird life. And of course native trees and shrubs.

We also have a fully equipped pottery studio, with electric and gas kilns. Our clays, glazes and tools are all imported directly from Japan. All the tableware in our venues is designed and produced in-house.

ONIGIRI is perfect for your next function, meeting or event.
Our japanese rice balls provide a delicious and healthy alternative for your next get-together. There are 7 flavours to choose from covering meat, seafood and vegetarian.

They are gluten free and individually packaged for convenience in addition to keeping the Nori crisp and crunchy.

We source our vegetables, herbs, eggs and honey from our own organic farm in Sassafras. We are fastidious about quality and ensure that only the finest ingredients are used.

We have designed an elegant japanese folding box that holds 18 Onigiri. You can choose any combination you like

We are always looking for smart, customer focused individuals to join our team.

Please send your resume together with any other relevant details to